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Why use StockDomes?

  • StockDomes have over 30 years experience in the manufacture of acrylic domes. Our experience allows us to tackle any complex manufacturing project that our customers can envisage.
  • StockDomes use a unique pneumatic manufacturing process developed in-house that allows us to acheive unrivalled precision, strength and optical clarity.
  • StockDomes have large quantities of domes available in a range of sizes, eliminating the need for expensive tooling costs. Domes in stock sizes can usually be shipped next-day.



  • Height Domes can be blown to any height up to a hemisphere (50% of the diameter) at no extra cost. Please note that the apex of the dome will thin to approximately 33% of the base material thickness.
  • Diameter The diameter quoted refers to the outer diameter of the dome. We stock domes in a range of sizes. If an intermediate size is required then a tooling charge may be applicable.
  • Flange The flange can be removed if required. The flange will always, by virtue of the manufacturing process, have clamp marks.
  • Finishing As well as removing the flange, domes can be precision turned and faced if required.


  • Shapes Prices quoted are for round domes. Domes are also available in a range of different shapes, including oval and square. Domes can also be blown in bespoke shapes. Please contact us to discuss your project.


  • Materials Our domes can be blown from acrylic in a range of thicknesses and colours. Please contact us for more details.
Uses for stockdomes

Our domes have been used for many different purposes, uncluding:

  • Point of sale and shop displays
  • Underwater photography
  • Stage, film and TV sets
  • Engineering projects
  • Museum and art gallery displays
  • Dump bins
  • CCTV systems
  • Confectionery dispensers
  • Signage
  • Many, many more!

StockDomes are pleased to be able to offer acrylic domes up to 1000mm in diameter. Please see our price list for more details.

- June 2012